Crafty White Wedding Chairs Decoration Ideas


A wedding is a unique and very memorable event. Therefore, everything, including the bride, groom, and guest seats, must be perfect. The different wedding seats available make it a hassle to select the perfect one. However, regardless of the wedding style and budget, one can never go wrong with white wedding chairs. They bring out the wedding vibe in an extraordinary way. A wedding is not complete without decoration. The best thing about white wedding seats is that there are a lot of decoration ideas. One must choose a decoration technique that best suits their likes, budget, and wedding style.

1. DIY White Wedding Seats Decoration Styles

DIY seat decoration styles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The white wedding seats decoration technique must rhyme with the other decorations in the reception to bring out the desired wedding theme. The exciting thing about ornaments is that they vary depending on someone’s taste. Here are some of the decoration techniques from

2. Flowers decoration

Flower colors bring brightness and vibrancy to a wedding. Incorporate the flower colors to match the wedding color theme. Making a floral decor with flowers is the most used technique and is also very affordable. One doesn’t have to use one type of flower. You can use different styles as long as they coordinate. Add other decorations like a ribbon, lace, or bling on the flowers.

3. Fabric covers

Most people use white fabric for decoration. However, one can break the monotony of white chairs by using another bright-colored material. The fabric needs to be in a style that does not fully cover the seat’s design. Fabrics may vary depending on the texture. Different fabrics to use may include chiffon, silk, or satiny.

4. Cushions

The cushions to use in wedding decoration are removable cushions. Like the flowers and fabric, the cushion color is crucial in bringing out the wedding style. Pillows can be helpful in line with other decorations like pearl bling. The colors for the cushion should be bright.

5. Greenery

If one is looking to have a boho or rustic wedding, greenery is the decoration to choose from. There are a lot of greeneries to utilize in this case. A combination of eucalyptus leaves and baby’s breath can be unique. Other greeneries to the mix include tropical palm or green swags.

6. Ribbons

You can get ribbons in almost all wedding decorations. Ribbons are neutral and can coordinate with most of the wedding chair decorations. Ribbons made in an ombre style are the best. One can also tie ribbons from the top sides of the seat down to the side’s bottom and wrap them, so they meet at the center of the seat’s back.

Additional white wedding seat ideas

  • Throw pillows
  • Pearl
  • Burlap with a lace
  • Wreath
  • Monograms


Decorating white wedding seats might seem unimportant since the chairs are colorful by themselves. However, adding decoration enhances the style of the wedding space. White seats with the right decoration will make a wedding colorful. Choose one crafty decoration idea and add it to your list when decorating the wedding space.


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